On the Road


On the Road

Join the 411on402 team as it travels from state to state and across the world to report on the cannabis ecosystem. It’s storytelling at its best offering localized knowledge and perspective. Every place is different. Join On The Road (OTR) on this discovery journey. Recent segments include Canada, California, Washington DC, Colorado, Florida and Washington State with more to come.


411on420 On the Road:Small Business Saturday and Washington State

Did you know that the cannabis industry is largely comprised of small businesses. That conversation is often lost in the frothy cannabis sector conversations. we honor the small business roots with a tip of the hat to a Washington State cannabis dispensary hiring local workers and serving local customers. Filemd on November 24, 2018 – the Small Business Saturday holiday.



411on420 On the Road: California in the Slow Lane

California is slooowy rolling out recreational cannabis dispensaries. It appears there are dry counties and wet counties. Metro areas like LA and San Francisco have recreational dispensaries. Other counties like Ventura do not. San Ljuis Obispo (SLO) are primarily medical and just rolling out recreational, such as the venue where Harry Brelsford filed this On the Road report from Grover Beach.



411on420 On the Road: Florida – Not On Ballot

Just before election day (November 2018), Harry Brelsford checks-in from Florida. The statewide initiative for legalization of recreational cannabis [Florida Cannabis Act (#16-02)] is NOT on the ballot this election. It failed to meet the signature requirements of 770,000+ valid voter signature. Medicinal cannabis has been legal in Florida for just over one year.

Here is the “story” from BallotPedia on this matter: https://ballotpedia.org/Florida_Cannabis_Act_(2018)

The Florida Cannabis Act (#16-02) was not on the ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 6, 2018.[1]
The amendment would have legalized possession of up to one ounce of marijuana by residents at least 21 years old. Residents would also have been allowed to cultivate up to six plants per household, but only three or fewer plants could be mature or flowering. The plants would have needed to be grown in “an enclosed, locked space,” and users would not have been permitted to sell the plants they grow.
Under the amendment, marijuana would have been treated like alcohol—it would have been prohibited for residents under 21 years of age, consumers would have needed to show proof of age before purchasing marijuana from retail facilities, and it would have been illegal for anyone to drive while impaired or under the influence of marijuana. The amendment also outlined regulations for marijuana cultivation, retail marijuana sales, and manufacturing marijuana products.



411on420 On the Road: Where is the Weed in Washington DC?

We take it to the streets in Washington DC to find out what is the current cannabis status in this district. We discovered the medicinal cannabis is available but recreational has not been rolled out. It’s not clear what the exact cause for the delay is but appears to be a case of politics as usual – gridlock concerning the green. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.



411on420: On the Road: Opening Week in Canada

We were there in Montreal for the first week of legal cannabis in Canada – one of the first countries in the world to “go national.” We’re outside a government run dispensary with line that stretched around the block and police provided crowd control. Highlight include a conversation about transportation about cross provincial borders and participation in the federal banking system. Two points to add: (1) the purchase age is 18 years old in Canada and (2) it is bringing an online market that ships cannabis to buyers via mail and package delivery.




411on420 On the Road: Industry Roadmap and University of Denver Course

Paul Seaborn, leading cannabis academic and Associate Professor at the University of Denver, paints a current snapshot of the cannabis industry (yes – the business side) in the US and Canada. His deep insights are based on extensive research plus his launch of a wildly success course concerning the business of marijuana. Watch intently to discover the Three C’s of cannabis – and how that paradigm is currently shaping the cannabis landscape.





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